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Myths & Monsters
of Reston, Virginia

The Phenomenal and Frightening Findings of
Dr. Padraigin W. Thalmeus, PDS.

by Eric MacDicken & Kristina S. Alcorn

Every town has myths, but not every town has monsters. Reston, Virginia could be the most monstered town in all the world! At least according to the recently unearthed journal, Myths & Monsters of the Lower Patowmack and Greater Falls. Virginia, 1819, by the scholarly yet skittish Dr. Padraigin W. Thalmeus, PDS. Join us and discover the supernatural creatures he faced on his perilous quest for a legendary hidden treasure!

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8.5x9, 40 pages
Full color, illustrated
Great Owl Books
© 2016 Eric MacDicken


Reston Museum
Reston's Used Book Shopyes, they sell new books too!
Scrawl Books Wiehle Metro Plaza
Scrawl Books Reston Town Center
Small Change Lake Anne Plaza
Walker Nature Center


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